Joint Supplements and Glucosamine????

So many horse owners look to Glucosamine Supplements for leg lameness, when many times it really is the tendons and the ligaments that really need attention.  Over time with repeated exercise and even with poor nutrition as a young horse, many horses have mobility problems.  The tendons and ligaments also require nutrition to maintain their elasticity, and their flexability. As referenced in the articles second paragraph, the energy is stored in the tendons for an athelete, and with the racehorse, the tendon is due to bow when not nourished and stressed with racing.

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With many horses, if you nourish the tendon and ligaments, their mobility will return along with their energy and stamina.  There is a unique formula that acts quickly in their system, is all natural, they like to eat it, and it gives them the ingredients that nourish those tendons and ligaments quickly giving that added surge of energy when they need it the most, the final furlong, that last barrel, that last fence, that last ten miles in the endurance race, or that workout in the show ring.

This special formula has helped to set World Records in the Standard-bred Racing  Industry with one mare producing two consecutive foals that set track records, one setting TWO World Records, the second1 tick off the World Record.  How many mares do you know have done that?

So, if you have a young or even an old athlete, why not give them the nutrition they need for their mobility, flex-ability, stamina, endurance, and overall health.  Why not take your horse to the MAX with Maximum Performance Horse Continue reading

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We are all aware of the number of horses being hauled off the race track after they have had a bone fracture, break,  or other problem because the horses nutrition does not allow enough Calcium that is digestible in their diets today.  Ten years ago you would look at the feed tag and you would have seen 6.3% Calcium.  Today when you look at the feed tag, it says .01% or something in that range.

We need to look at a better way to help keep our great and even not so great horses racing longer and stronger.  The irony is that Calcium that is chelated goes right into the blood stream.  There is one formula that also allows for more oxygen to be stored in the tendons and ligaments, giving the horse that extra boost for the final furlong as well as improving bone density.  

Take Your Horse to the MAX!

Horses set World Records on Maximum Performance Horse Supplement




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